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Showalter Fleet Services in Cleburne, Texas, offers top-notch suspension repair and maintenance services for heavy-duty trucks and fleets. We specialize in providing expert suspension solutions tailored specifically for your trucks.

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Common Signs of Suspension Issues

Keep a lookout for common indicators such as uneven tire wear, excessive bouncing, noticeable tilting or sagging on one side of the vehicle, difficulty steering, and an uncomfortable ride. These signs often point to potential issues with shocks, leaf springs, bushings, or other suspension components. Timely repairs and maintenance are vital to ensure the integrity of your trucks' suspension systems.

Our Suspension Services for Trucks

Our veteran suspension and alignment team has extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Suspension Inspection

At Showalter Fleet Services, our skilled mechanics conduct thorough inspections of your trucks' suspension systems. We meticulously examine shocks, leaf springs, bushings, and other vital components, carefully checking for signs of wear and tear such as leaks, rust, play, or damaged parts. If any issues are detected, our team provides a detailed repair estimate to address them effectively.

Shock and Bushing Services

Shocks, leaf springs, and bushings are critical in absorbing road bumps and vibrations, delivering a smooth and controlled ride. Over time, these parts can deteriorate, compromising vehicle stability, handling, and safety. Our experienced team specializes in shock repair and replacement. Whether a minor repair or a complete replacement, our efficient service ensures that your trucks are back on the road promptly, operating at their best.

Leaf Spring Services

Leaf springs are essential for shock absorption and maintaining the appropriate ride height of your trucks. Our skilled mechanics have the necessary equipment and expertise to accurately diagnose leaf spring issues and perform the required repairs or replacements. We ensure that your trucks' leaf springs are in optimal condition for a safe and comfortable ride.

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