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Showalter Fleet Services is your trusted provider of oil and fluid services for heavy-duty trucks and fleets in Cleburne, Texas. Our services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of fleet, heavy-duty, and medium-duty trucks, ensuring their reliable operation on the road.

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Oil & Fluid Inspections

Our skilled technicians at Showalter Fleet Services are equipped to perform comprehensive oil and fluid inspections for your trucks. We meticulously check the levels and conditions of various fluids, including engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and coolant. Through these thorough inspections, we can identify any signs of contamination, fluid degradation, or leaks, ensuring the integrity of your trucks' vital fluids.

Oil & Fluid Changes

Regular oil and fluid changes are essential to keep your trucks running smoothly. At Showalter Fleet Services, we offer top-quality oil and fluid changes using industry-standard techniques and fluids. Our experienced team is well-versed in the specific requirements of different types of heavy-duty trucks, ensuring the use of the correct oil viscosity, fluid type, and capacity during the service. By maintaining clean and fresh fluids, we help optimize the performance and longevity of your trucks' engines and systems.

Additional Fluid Services

In addition to oil changes, our comprehensive fluid services cover other vital components of your trucks. Our expert team can perform the following services:

  • Transmission Fluid Service: We inspect and replace transmission fluid, ensuring smooth gear shifts and optimal transmission performance for your heavy-duty trucks. Click here for more information on our transmission and clutch repairs and services. 
  • Hydraulic Fluid Service: We check and replace hydraulic fluid, which is essential for the proper functioning of hydraulic systems in your fleet and medium-duty trucks.
  • Coolant System Service: We perform coolant inspections and flushes to maintain the ideal temperature range of your trucks' engines, preventing overheating and potential engine damage. Click here for more information on our coolant system repairs and services. 

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Proper oil and fluid maintenance is crucial for the reliable operation of your heavy-duty trucks and fleets. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our comprehensive services designed specifically for heavy-duty trucks.

Additional Truck Repair Services

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